Frequently asked questions

How much does a website cost?

Every client has different needs and expectations. The price depends on the scope of the website, the individual services as well as the level of knowledge of the client and the material available. Basic websites are in the range of 800 - 1200 €. Extra services are added.

What is a maintenance contract?

Like a vehicle, for example, a WordPress site must be maintained regularly. The WordPress version, templates and plug-ins must be updated regularly, the function of the website subsequently checked and adjusted if necessary. If desired, a technical maintenance contract can be concluded after the website has been created. The cost of this varies depending on the complexity of the website. I also offer content maintenance, e.g. updating/adding texts or images.

What can I contribute as a customer?

The clearer your ideas about your own website are, the better. With a bit of research and a look at other websites, you can decide what style you like, what the rough structure of the site should look like and what content is important. But I am also happy to help with the concept. Important: A website can only be as good as the content it contains, i.e. images and text. Images in particular must meet certain minimum standards so that I can work with them.

Where can I find an explanation of the technical terms?

I have created a small Glossary for this purpose.